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Sassy, informative, opinionated. There, we picked three words to describe us. The two of us have been in entertainments for over 5 years as a duo and we're here to stay. From podcast to film, we keep it sassy with a splash of classy. 

Who we Are

Jonathan Shuffield

Jonathan Shuffield has worked within the entertainment industry for over 20 years. With past tv shows like “Damn!Sexy Cooking", "Toast and Coffee with Chris Hanson" and podcasts including "The Damn!Sexy Radio Hour" and "Ash&J: That’s Graceless". Jonathan learned the art of entertaining early   With the success of the PNW LGBT and Liberal radio talk show, OUTSpoken and the highly popular The Martini Lounge with Jonathan and Sergey he has become a bold voice in the world of entertainment and politics.  With his unique style of humor and passion, he continues to prove to be the consummate entertainer.  The entertainment world is put on notice, the landscape will never be the same!

Sergey Grankin

Since coming out at 18 to his ultra-conservative Russian family, Sergey has been an activist in every way possible. From the early days of the hit radio show OUTSpoken to the Martini Lounge podcast, he’s taken his story and opinions to the public since. A columnist, writer, life coach, actor, host and general badass, you can always expect a refreshing perspective, humorous approach and some new catchy lingo. Born in Kyrgyzstan, raised in Washington State and now thriving in LA, you can expect to hear and see more of Sergey Grankin in media and entertainment.

The Martini lounge


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