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Spotlight -Author Anthony Greer

Spotlight -Author Anthony Greer

Spotlight -Author Anthony Greer
July 13
06:44 2015

Full 2 hour Show:

author picAnthony Greer is a slightly off-kilter contradiction. Sometimes he is a leaf on the wind and rides the sky waves wherever they him. He’s a great conversationalist as long as you don’t talk during Game of Thrones or Big Brother, and incredibly nice when he wants to trade resources with you in Settlers of Catan (don’t do it! It’s a trap!!!).

He was raised amongst the olive-skinned natives of a Long Island town before transplanted to the rain-coated, black coffee loving capital of the Starbucks world. He learned early after being too school for cool that tending bar supported his addiction to structuring sentences into stories of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery and Young Adult.

Anthony is unafraid to make big moves in the game of life, but sometimes needs to be thrown off the plane to figure out how to fly. Like a nine-lived cat he always land on his feet, and when those thick-padded paws hit the dirt he bears a smile on his face and recants a knee-slapper he heard on his journey, laughing half-way through the joke and usually forgetting the rest.


raven5     The Black Athame book cover version 3     The Messengers Book Cover version 10 (1)

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Raven of Dusk: Transcendence:
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Raven of Dusk: Transcendence:

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