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Jonathan & Sergey Talk with Lina Bradford and Her Collection of Barbies

Jonathan & Sergey Talk with Lina Bradford and Her Collection of Barbies

Jonathan & Sergey Talk with Lina Bradford and Her Collection of Barbies
January 31
11:51 2017

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“In The Dollhouse With Lina” Returns For Its Second Season The Magic 8 Ball Brings Back Youtube’s Wildest Talk Show Starring Lina Bradford and Her Collection of Barbies

In The Dollhouse With Lina, the rollicking YouTube show hosted by the spirited House Music DJ diva Lina Bradford, returns for its second season this month. In the show, Lina’s quick wit (known as “Linish”…yes, she has her own language) and infectious smile take center stage as she discusses music, fashion and pop culture with her celebrity friends. In season one, her magic 8 ball transported Carson Kressley, Robert Verdi and Bevy Smith (host of “Bevelations” on Andy Cohen’s Radio Andy) into the dollhouse. Season Two will welcome guests like Candis Cayne, NY Real Housewife and Home Shopping Network jewelry designer Kelly Killoren Bensimon and Whoopi Goldberg. Each episode is shot in Lina Bradford’s Barbie doll room — she has over 600 pint-sized mannequins — and includes hilarious segments like the fan-favorite “Asian Fortune Cookie Kiki” where celebs play the Origami Paper Game with Lina, answering questions no one else would dare to ask.

“The wonderful part about doing a talk show is I get to be my fun, goofball self while doing the two things I most enjoy: learning more about the interesting personalities I adore and making people happy,” says Lina Bradford from The Dollhouse studios in New York. “What more could I ask for from a job?”

Lina Bradford grew up as an only child in New York City, across the street from Carnegie Hall. Without siblings, she would spend most of her days alone with only her wild imagination to keep her company. “I would put my Barbies in the craziest scenarios,” she remembers. “Whether they were fighting crime, sailing the French Riviera, or running high powered executive meetings in the boardroom, they always did it with glamour and style.”

Lina’s career in entertainment began early. She studied dance for ten and a half years, performing modern ballet, tap and jazz in several companies throughout New York. The moves she learned would become part of her signature style when, twenty years ago, she left the dance stage for the dance floor, spinning records all over New York and Europe. She would become best known for her ten-year run on Fire Island. Lina currently holds a once-a-month residency Party TBS (Throwback Sundays) at NYC’s The Gilded Lily. “I enjoyed a very strong upbringing from very well rounded intelligent Aries women who were all true Rams,” she continues. “They taught me to be confident in who I am.” Lina Bradford is a trans woman but she does not define herself by it. “I’ve never done labels. I’ve only worn them,” she says. People are drawn to Lina because of the essence she projects, one of love and light. “I’m an Aries. I’m optimistic and I love a challenge.”

While In The Dollhouse, Lina enjoys bringing out new sides of her guests that fans don’t normally get a chance to see. With Candis Cayne, she reminisces about growing up together in the legendary nineties New York scene. In her interview with Janet Mock, a transgender rights activist and author of the New York Times bestseller “Redefining Realness”, Lina manages to tap into Mock’s edge-y comedic side. “People tend to think Janet is always very straightforward and serious but in my interview, viewers will witness a wicked sense of humor!”

It’s the reason hoards of viewers tuned into the first season of In The Dollhouse with Lina. The show offers Lina, her guests, and viewers too, a rare chance to revert back to a childhood when shaking the Magic 8 Ball, embracing imagination and playing with dolls was acceptable and encouraged. “My show brings us back to our carefree days… if only for ten or fifteen minutes.”

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