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October 18
07:48 2015

by Sergey Grankin, Co-host of the Pacific Northwest LGBT Radio Talk Show, OUTSpoken

There are people out in the world who oppose change, not just negative change but all change. There is a group of people out there who will never be able to understand why an ever changing world is a positive thing. Let me paint you a picture, I was recently at a comedy show where the featured comedian spent a considerable amount of time attacking technology and making claims about health they probably couldn’t verify. This comedian claimed technology ruins children, technology makes us unsocial and that changes in the way we connect have caused us to almost devolve as a species. It’s typically the older crowd, but there are certain folks (like said comedian) who wish to only reside in the “good ol’ times” land of the past. Instead of embracing change in any positive manner, they spend their life opposing the new wave of progress only to be trampled later by the entire world moving over them.

People who fight to preserve the traditional ways, the traditional outlook and the old way of doing things are also known as conservatives by definition. Conservatives often believe that the way they grew up doing things and achieving goals is often the tried and tested method and should be the only one promoted. It worked for them, why shouldn’t it work for someone else? It’s these people who stand in our way toward progress.

You see, if change arresting conservatives had their way we’d all still be hunting with stones for our dinner and scavenging for berries for dessert. Those methods worked for thousands of years, so why can’t they keep on working? The reality is evolution of culture, technology and humanity is inevitable and will continue to happen, despite the resistance of a few loud voices. Change has brought us vehicles, brought us cell phones, computers, change has united us as a people through air travel, instant messaging and video calls. Deny the technological revolution and your quality of life will literally vanish. So maybe fighting change and progress isn’t quite the correct solution.

Embracing change in a positive way is key to our survival. Embracing a more globalized world can and should be a positive idea. A growing population can be seen as a problem or maybe embraced as a surplus of creative minds, challenging one another to be better and grow further. Even the negative effects of advancement like climate change can be embraced as our duty to change our energy, resource and agricultural habits. Understanding, reacting and growing alongside change is the single most important idea we can capture as a species. We’ll certainly have a lot to learn when the planet starts rapidly morphing into a hotter, dryer place.

Embracing and fighting/denying change is really the two sides of our country and world right now. Politically this is easy to see. In my own home city, we have a city council Presidential race that captures this idea perfectly. On one side we have a progressive who embraces ideas like immigration, public transit, sick leave and other much needed social and economic ideas. Albeit not perfect, this candidate sees and understands how change can be a positive thing for our growing city. On the other half is a man who opposes these ideas. This is a man who wants to make the city great again, like it was 30 years ago. This is a man who would like to preserve the city in a way that hasn’t existed for a while. This candidate would like to keep our city and society working in the way that has worked for him in the past.

On a national level we see a resistance to change as the crowning idea of the republican party while embracing and promoting change is the theme of the democratic party. Republicans will spend their entire career fighting back on changes in our laws that benefit women, LGBT people, and even the middle class as a whole. For them, the new policies have been robbing us of our traditional ways. For Democrats, change is the only way. Moving forward means changing with the times and advancing forward to better opportunities. It’s keeping an eye out for how we can keep moving forward in the most effective and positive way.

Change can be scary and often it can come in unwanted ways. It can threaten our existence or help us live as a culture. However it comes, we must be brave and diligent enough to embrace the positive effects of change. We are no longer a 20th century culture and that is okay. We have little choice when it comes to change. It’s happening, slow or fast, it’s going to be here. The real question for us is how we accept this change. Do we embrace our new responsibilities to climate change and smartphones or do we plug our ears at the idea that we must adjust our energy needs and ignore the mobile world? We can change with the world or stand in the way and get trampled by everyone else. Your choice, really.


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