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    EP. 26 Jonathan & Sergey Joke around with Heather McDonald

EP. 26 Jonathan & Sergey Joke around with Heather McDonald

When Heather McDonald accepted her crown as Miss Pasadena she assumed she had peaked. Twenty something, mostly sober, years later Heather is an in-demand, multi-faceted, comedian headlining sold out stand-up shows. When not on tour she hosts and produces the hit podcast Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald. Heather is an accomplished actor and writer but her professional accolades do not [...]

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    Lessons by Raven

Lessons by Raven

I have learned so tremendously much from this election. During previous attempts to write this piece I struggled to label the phenomena that is occurring and it inevitably led to failure. But now, as I sit here with a pen in my hand weeks after it has passed, I am finally at peace with it’s chosen terminology. It is an [...]

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    This is What I Came Here For?         by Sergey Grankin

This is What I Came Here For? by Sergey Grankin

This is what I came here for? Facebook reactions. Cheers simultaneously drowned by disavowing boos. Yelling over each other. Emails. Sex scandals. I came here to hear about grabbing a woman's genitals because you’re a star? It’s a mess. All of it. Last nights debate showcased two grown ups fighting like children over topics pertaining little to the security and [...]

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